Bernardo Carvalho

BiorefineryPhD Student

Bernardo Carvalho

Biorefinery | PhD Student

About me

Bernardo has a Bsc in Biochemistry (University of Coimbra) and a MSc in Biotechnology (Nova University Lisbon). In 2018 he defended his master thesis on the heterotrophic cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis, after working on it in the research unit of Allmicroalgae SA. Following the defence, he stayed on in Allmicroalgae SA as a fermentation technician. During his time there he acquired vast experience of heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae, from lab to industrial scale. In late 2021, he joined GreenCoLab, as part of the PERFORMALGAE project, with the main focus on the hydrolysis of microalgal biomass. Currently, he is a PhD student at GreenCoLab, CCMAR and CESAM, focusing on the development of novel products from algae biomass, through a biorefinery approach.

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