It is a great pleasure to welcome: Leire García de Amézaga and Serena Fasiello!


Leire and Serena joined GreenCoLab through the Erasmus + program, where they will have the opportunity to explore algal biotechnology, greatly contributing with their know-how on the field and great motivation.

Serena Fasiello holds a MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Nano-biotechnology from the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). Considering herself “a sea addicted and a curious learner”, she will be working in algal biomass biorefining for the establishment of high value ingredients.

Leire García de Amézaga, a student in Biotechnology and Marine Sciences Degree, will collaborate in assessing the biotechnological potential of algae biomass on fish health management and gut performance, as she states “trying to build bridges between biotechnology and marine ecosystems”.