Ana Teresa Gonçalves, Researcher in Fish Nutrition and Immunology at GreenCoLAB, participated in the Zoom Workshop “Novel concepts and solutions for more eco-efficient aquafeeds”, organized by GAIN project with support from H2020 projects PerformFISH, AquaIMPACT, MEDAID, AQUAVITAE, NewTechAqua; and project SUSHIN (Italy).
This workshop focusing on Novel Aquafeeds and divided into 4 central parts, took place between September 21st and 22nd, and had the intervention of Ana Teresa to address the “Strenghs and Weakness” of “Micro and Macro- algae” (Part 2: Novel Ingredients) and to talk about the current and future state of “Molecular Biomarkers” (Part 4: Novel tools to assess feed performance).