Screening of Mineralogenic and Osteogenic Compounds in Zebrafish—Tools to Improve Assay Throughput and Data Accuracy


Joana T. Rosa , Marco Tarasco, Paulo J. Gavaia, M. Leonor Cancela and Vincent Laizé

Bone disorders affect millions of people worldwide and treatments currently available often produce undesirable secondary effects or have limited efficacy. It is therefore of the utmost interest for patients to develop more efficient drugs with reduced off-target activities. In the long process of drug development, screening and preclinical validation have recently gained momentum with the increased use of zebrafish as a model organism to study pathological processes related to human bone disorders, and the development of zebrafish high-throughput screening assays to identify bone anabolic compounds. In this review, we provided a comprehensive overview of the literature on zebrafish bone-related assays and evaluated their performance towards an integration into screening pipelines for the discovery of mineralogenic/osteogenic compounds. Tools available to standardize fish housing and feeding procedures, synchronize embryo production, and automatize specimen sorting and image acquisition/analysis toward faster and more accurate screening outputs were also presented

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