Update on the application of magnetic fields to microalgal cultures

World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology

Lucielen Oliveira Santos, Pedro Garcia Pereira Silva, Bruno Roswag Machado, Luisa Sala & Kricelle Mosquera Deamici

Several studies have shown that any magnetic field (MF) applied to microalgae modifies its cultivation conditions and may favor biomolecule production since it interacts with the microorganisms and affect their growth. As a result, there are changes in concentrations and compositions of biomass and biomolecules. This review aims at updating MF applications to microalga cultures that were reported by studies conducted in the last 5 years. It shows the main studies that reached positive results of carbohydrate, lipid, protein and pigment production. Effects of MFs may be positive, negative or null, depending on some factors, such as intensity, exposure time, physiological state of cells and application devices. Therefore, this review details cultivation conditions used for reaching high concentration of biomolecules, explains the action of MFs on microalgae and describes their applicability to the biorefinery concept.

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