On January 25th, GreenCoLab had the pleasure of welcoming a renowned chef, Chef Leonel Pereira, and his partner Fátima Pereira, to our facilities. As a recognized and awarded “algaenthusiast” cuisinier, Chef Leonel brought his passion for exploring the culinary possibilities of algae to our labs.
The visit, which marks the starting point of a new partnership between GreenCoLab and innovative algae cuisine, was an exciting opportunity for Chef Leonel to taste the diverse range of algae sourced from GreenCoLab’s associates, such as Allmicroalgae, AlgaPlus and Necton.
Throughout the day, Chef Leonel and the GreenCoLab team engaged in a lively and thought-provoking brainstorming session. They discussed the challenges and opportunities that algae present in the culinary world and exchanged ideas on how to incorporate them into dishes and food products in new and innovative ways.