GreenCoLab participated at the Algae Nexus Conference, in Istanbul, Turkey, held on February 9-10 (2023) followed by a Technical Visit, on February 11.
On the event, Hugo Pereira has been invited to speak, at Session II, and share his knowledge and insights on the production of Tetraselmis striata CTP4 at industrial scale and the establishment of a novel biorefinery pipeline.┬áHe was joined by a poster presentation of GreenColab’s PhD student Bernardo Carvalho, about “Improving cell disruption in two freshwater microalgae to increase their biopesticidal potential”.
The conference, whose theme explored the cutting-edge biotechnological industrial applications of algae in diverse areas, also counted on the presence of Mariana Carneiro (NECTON), at Session I, and Luisa Gouveia (LNEG), that presented their latest advancements in algae research and projects, such as REALM and ALGAVALOR, and its impact on our planet.
Hugo Pereira presentation [at 05:51:13s]