GreenCoLab was honored to receive the visit of Dra. Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, and Dr. Pedro Teixeira, Secretary of State for Higher Education, on the 1st of March.
During the visit, GreenCoLab showcased its specialized laboratories, including the Biorefinery and Culture Collection platforms and ongoing developments. GreenCoLab also had the opportunity to provide a comprehensive presentation of the organization, highlighting recent areas of growth, the latest advancements, and its lines of action in the fields of research, sustainability, and circular economy of algae, focusing on creating value for the industry through algae-based innovative solutions. Furthermore, GreenCoLab unveiled the Circular Economy DEMO Unit for algae production in the scope of Vertical Algas (Algae Vertical), a very important project for the Portuguese algae sector led by our associate Necton. This project is integrated with the Blue Bioeconomy Pact, led by Inovamar, and funded by the European Union Next Generation EU, through the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience (PRR) Plan. This visit was part of a broader tour of the University of Algarve, which included stops at the Experimental Laboratory for Aquatic Organisms (LEOA), CCMAR, and the Centro de Simulação UAlgTec Health.