In a memorable showcase of scientific value and collaborative spirit, GreenCoLab made a notable mark at AlgaEurope 2023 held from December 12 to 15 in Prague. The event, orchestrated by the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) and DLG Benelux, served as a platform for leading minds in algae-associated research and innovation to convene and exchange groundbreaking insights.
Amidst presentations and scientific poster displays, GreenCoLab made a significant presence with its institutional booth at AlgaEurope 2023. This dedicated space served as a hub for forging new connections, introducing the GreenCoLab specialized platform for algae-based services, and showcasing enhanced algae-based food prototypes prepared by the Food WG.
Throughout the event, GreenCoLab members took center stage, presenting their research across multiple oral communication sessions. Ana Teresa Gonçalves from GreenCoLab/SPAROS, Lda delved into “The alliance between algae biorefinery and fish nutrigenomics for precision functional aquafeeds” in the Feed session, on the first day. While on day 2 of the conference, Inês Guerra shared insights on “Arthrospira platensis up-value through a biorefinery approach: phycocyanin and protein fraction isolation” in the Biorefinery session, and Kricelle Deamici explored the “Effect of algae fortification on physicochemical and sensory properties of plant-based burgers” in the Food session. Other impactful presentations included Lais Galileu Speranza‘s analysis of “Impacts of fermented Chlorella sp. by life cycle assessment” in the Transversal session., and Daniel Figueiredo‘s overview of the future Young Algaeneers Symposium, on the last day.
Moreover, our GreenCoLab team presented over 24 scientific posters, spotlighting our involvement in ambitious European and Portuguese-funded projects like REALM, SEAWEED2PLANT, ProFuture, Microboost, Algae4IBD, LOCALITY Algae, GIANT LEAPS project, and Algae Vertical .