In a bid to explore the untapped potential of blue bioresources and foster sustainable business practices, Universidade do Algarve hosted the conference “A Sea of Opportunities: Algae, Aquaculture, and Sustainability” on Friday, March 22nd. Organized by the CCILF – Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Luso-Fran├žaise in collaboration with the Commercial Service of the Embassy of Canada in Portugal, the event promised to offer meaningful discussions, a debate lunch, and networking opportunities for companies and business stakeholders alike.
One of the highlights of the conference was three discussion panels, where experts from various domains converged to share insights and exchange ideas. Among these panels, Hugo Pereira, GreenCoLab Coordinator, joined the Algae Panel alongside esteemed experts such as Alexandre Rodrigues from PhytoBloom – Microalgae by Necton, Miguel Borges Pombo representing Ignae, and Bruno Ferreira from A4F-Algae for Future. The panel discussions were moderated by Pedro Valadas Monteiro, Ph.D., from CCDR Algarve.
With a lineup of renowned speakers and an agenda packed with informative sessions, the conference was a pivotal event for those invested in the blue bioresources sector. Participants gained valuable insights, forged new connections, and explored avenues for sustainable business growth in this dynamic industry.