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Innovation Manager

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About me

Peter is currently the Innovation Manager of the GreenCoLab – Green Ocean Technologies and Products Collaborative Laboratory. Previously, he completed his professional education as an electrician in the field of solar energy, a BSc in Marine Biotechnology from the University of Applied Science in Bremerhaven (Germany), an MSc in Aquaculture from the University of Algarve in Faro (Portugal) and a PhD in Aquatic Biosciences from Nord University in Bodø (Norway). During his research career at different research institutions in Europe and Israel, he published multiple peer-reviewed articles on algae with a focus on light requirements for optimal growth and biomolecule productionAs algal biotechnologist, he has profound skills in experimental design, algal cultivation, and process design for maximal target biocompound production by algae. Peter joined the GreenCoLab with the motivation to create jobs in the microalgal sector, advance R&D and develop new technologies that lead to an improved algal production. His main tasks are (i) project elaboration and coordination (e.g., Horizon Europe), (ii) innovation management of the GreenCoLab working groups, (iii) business development of GreenCoLab and (iv) leading the AlgaSynTec workgroup.

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