On the 2nd of August, Fátima Pereira and Kricelle Deamici had the opportunity to experience first-hand the preparation of traditional and contemporary dishes that reflect the richness and diversity of Mediterranean Cuisine, in collaboration with other projects participants.
During the initiative, the Greencolab team shared culinary techniques and valuable tips for incorporating the principles of the Mediterranean diet into their own kitchens, promoting a more conscious and healthy approach to eating.
Within the scope of the project “Training Actions for the Safeguarding of the Mediterranean Diet,” this cooking class was promoted by the Tertúlia Algarvia Restaurant in collaboration with several entities, including CCDR – Algarve, University of Algarve and Regional Directorates of Culture and Agriculture and Fisheries, Algarve Tourism Region, Algarve Hospitality and Tourism Schools (Faro) and Vila Real de Santo António, In Loco Association and the Municipality of Tavira, this being the representative community of the Mediterranean diet in Portugal. The event aimed to preserve and promote the nutritional and cultural principles of the Mediterranean diet by highlighting local and regional ingredients.