GreenCoLab, represented by Ana Ramos (GreenCoLab Projects Manager) had the pleasure of participating in the “Workshop Diversificar Algarve 2030”. The initiative was promoted by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR Algarve) AND supported by 3drivers, as part of the Portugal 2030 program. as part of the Portugal 2030 program.
The event is part of a series of workshops that will take place in the Algarve region across multiple phases. The aim is to engage participants and encourage them to participate in open discussions about priorities, within the domains of circular economy and decarbonization as part of the ALGARVE 2030 framework. These workshops organized by CCDR Algarve focused on already identified strategic domains within the Algarve Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (EREI ALGARVE): Tourism; Blue Economy; Health, Life Sciences, and Longevity; Endogenous Land Resources; Cultural and Creative Industries; Digitization and ICT; and Environmental Sustainability.