The Algae Vertical documentary is an informative series that aims to showcase the ongoing work being done by the Algae Vertical partners, within the framework of the internal work packages. The series consists of 10 episodes that will be aired as part of the TECH3 program, on RTP 3 and RTP Internacional, focused on innovative and progressive scientific and technological developments in companies and institutions, nationally.
The documentary will feature interviews with leaders of each subprojects and other relevant stakeholders, as well as illustrate the research and advancements being developed that explain technological innovations in the algae industry. The film production will travel across Portugal from north to south visiting relevant partners and associates of the project.
The Blue Economy Pact has launched the biggest initiative to reindustrialize the blue economy, creating new economic models based on the use of marine bioresources. Algae Vertical, a European hub of the Blue Economy, is co-financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and the Next Generation EU Funds.